About Man vs House

Welcome to Man vs House, the home of my various house-based projects, musings and creations.

Man vs House is all about the feels of making and doing things yourself, getting your hands dirty, and making do with less. In a world where it’s now easy to get by without doing anything tricky, manual, or gross, I hope to make the case that doing this stuff is a cornerstone of human happiness and stability.

There’s no denying that there’s a certain madness in doing for yourself what someone else could do for you, when you will invariably do it slower, worse, and risk losing a finger or two in the process, but let’s explore that madness together.

I’ll be getting weekly(ish) posts up for your enjoyment, and stocking the little Man vs House shop with fine wares and the occasional handmade abomination to try to cover the hosting costs. Join the newsletter or follow Man vs House on social media, and do get involved in the comments if anything inspires you to try something yourself 🙂