Man vs House

Welcome to Man vs House. Come on in, settle into a comfy chair – pour yourself a whisky if you fancy. Don’t warm yourself by the fire though – that fire isn’t supposed to be there and I need to get at it with the hose.

This is a website about making things: housey things specifically. From bits of house, to things inside houses, all the way to things that should mostly be left just outside houses but certainly not on the main road where they might trip over a passing lorry.

Or is it?

Much like an onion, this website might make you cry. But also like an onion it has layers, and just under the layer of tutorials and disaster reports is a layer all about the feels of making and doing things yourself – getting your hands dirty, and making do with less. It’s now so easy to get by without doing any of this: when we want something we can order it straight to our door, and we outsource the boring, the tricky or the gross.

I hope to make the case that in doing so we lose something intangible, that getting our hands dirty and doing things for ourselves is the very cornerstone of human happiness and stability, but the picture is more complicated than that. There’s no denying a certain madness in doing something which someone else could do for you, but where you do it slower, worse, and you lose a finger or two in the process.

Let’s explore that madnessĀ together. Whilst you pat down the last of the fire I’ll be getting weekly(ish) posts up for your enjoyment, and stocking the little Man vs House shop with fine wares and the occasional handmade abomination. Most importantly of all, when you make something (and I very much hope you will), do share the stories of your labours: be they an immaculately carved wooden spoon or an equally impressive flesh wound.

It’s a pleasure to have you here. Sorry about all the smoke.